Last Night I Took Off My Purity Ring

Last Night I Took Off My Purity Ring

I just love this article. It’s so true. Our one true love is Jesus. The unending perfect love he loves us with will never compare to any other love we might or might not find here on this earth. He loves me and he loves you. you might think ME?? no way he could love me. I’ve done some pretty bad stuff and I definitely don’t deserve his love. But he forgives you and bestows his love on you freely. He loves us even before we love him, in fact, he loves us before we were even born! We don’t need any other love because His love is sufficient. God gave us the ability to love. Just like everybody is not called overseas to the mission field, not everybody is going to be married. Maybe God wants you to be single for a reason. Trust him and his will because he knows the plans that he has for you. He knows where you are going in life before you ever get there, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t use the fact that you aren’t married to minister to others.

Be Malleable

Last night-after 6 years- I took off my purity ring.
Not because I no longer desire to be pure but because of the little words engraved on the ring: “True Love Waits”. I don’t want this to sound cheesy or even condescending, but no. TRUE love doesn’t wait.

The reality is I have experienced the ultimate love of Jesus. Not JUST because he died on the cross for me-the ultimate act of love- but because he constantly romances me every single day with a love that never fails. No, he is not my “boyfriend” but he is TRUE love. He is the love I’ve been waiting for. I’m not “waiting” around for something better, because there is no better love. If the Lord gives me the gift of marriage, then that’s soooo exciting. But life doesn’t start when you get married people. Its now. Its right in front of you…

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