Letter from my bestie!


I just came across this letter from a few years ago from my best friend. This is what she said. She moved halfway across the country and i haven’t seen her for a while now. I miss her like crazy so I just thought that I would share this!
     “Hey guys its pretty late but I just read this cool verse in my devos and I wanted to share it! It’s John 9:5 it says… “As long as I am in the World I am the light of the world.” Its really easy to just get caught up in our own lives sometimes and this verse points out the fact that, hey, as Christians we have to ALWAYS live for GOD’S GLORY not our own! Sometimes I just get distracted and I get out of touch with God and He has to do something abrupt to get me back on track, but if more Christians would read verses like this and act on them…. think of the change we could make for God’s kingdom! I know for me I think that I go to a Christian school, I do devos almost every night, I have a good Christian family I don’t need to be a light to anyone around me they are all fine. But in reality our world is hurting. I know countless teens from Christian families who are struggling. I also know that sometimes people in my own family or some of my close friends just need some encouragement… whether it’s just saying hey I’ve been praying for you, or just tellling a person that Jesus loves them and knows what is going on in your life, we dont know the impact it could have on them. As Christians we are called to make a difference! Being a Christian isn’t a title or a ticket to go to church every Sunday it is a long-term COMMITMENT. Imagine that you are pretty good at art and have gotten a free scholorship to a very prestigous art school, would you simply go to classes and do the bare minimum in your study of art? NO! You would take time and commit yourself daily to the furthering of your talent in art so you can walk away from that college with an education you can use! This applies in our Christian walks as well. Jesus has given us a “free scholorship” to Him! To simply spend 10 minutes a day or to act “biblical” in Bible class is the BARE MINIMUM! As children of a wonderful God we are called to make a difference. We are called to commit ourselves to the furthering of HIS kingdom daily. Our every action and word should be a testimony to others of our faith! You know how you sometimes meet somone and you can just tell they love God immensely! Try to be like that! Make God your focus and He will do AMAZING things through you!…. I know that this is coming right after leadership conference today…. and I kinda got a liiiiitle preachy there but this is what I heard all day and then read about in devos… WHAT DO YOU GUYS EXPECT! 🙂 Well I hope that you actually understood some of that, I kinda went crazy! Hope you are having a good week guys! Love ya’ll!”

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