Beyond Your Blog: Freelancing, Getting Paid to Write, and Writing for Free

Beyond Your Blog: Freelancing, Getting Paid to Write, and Writing for Free

The Daily Post

Many of you are growing as writers and seek opportunities beyond your blog. To continue this conversation, let’s talk about freelancing and getting paid to write, and the flip side of this: writing for free and exposure. We’ve rounded up four working writers who offer different perspectives on the business of writing:

  • Julie Schwietert Collazo, a bilingual writer/editor who has written for publications such as National Geographic Traveler and Scientific American, blogs at Cuaderno Inedito.
  • Caitlin Kelly, a National Magazine Award winner and frequent contributor to the New York Times, blogs at Broadside.
  • Kristen Hansen Brakeman, a writer who has contributed to the Washington Post and the New York TimesMotherlode, blogs at
  • Deborah Lee Luskin, an award-winning novelist and radio commentator, blogs at Live to Write — Write to Live: a collaborative blog for the New Hampshire…

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Last Night I Took Off My Purity Ring

Last Night I Took Off My Purity Ring

I just love this article. It’s so true. Our one true love is Jesus. The unending perfect love he loves us with will never compare to any other love we might or might not find here on this earth. He loves me and he loves you. you might think ME?? no way he could love me. I’ve done some pretty bad stuff and I definitely don’t deserve his love. But he forgives you and bestows his love on you freely. He loves us even before we love him, in fact, he loves us before we were even born! We don’t need any other love because His love is sufficient. God gave us the ability to love. Just like everybody is not called overseas to the mission field, not everybody is going to be married. Maybe God wants you to be single for a reason. Trust him and his will because he knows the plans that he has for you. He knows where you are going in life before you ever get there, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t use the fact that you aren’t married to minister to others.

Be Malleable

Last night-after 6 years- I took off my purity ring.
Not because I no longer desire to be pure but because of the little words engraved on the ring: “True Love Waits”. I don’t want this to sound cheesy or even condescending, but no. TRUE love doesn’t wait.

The reality is I have experienced the ultimate love of Jesus. Not JUST because he died on the cross for me-the ultimate act of love- but because he constantly romances me every single day with a love that never fails. No, he is not my “boyfriend” but he is TRUE love. He is the love I’ve been waiting for. I’m not “waiting” around for something better, because there is no better love. If the Lord gives me the gift of marriage, then that’s soooo exciting. But life doesn’t start when you get married people. Its now. Its right in front of you…

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For the love, tell me what to do.


I have found myself feeling like that. Like I am too far gone, and He’s too far away from me. I’ve felt like my heart is hardened and I don’t know how to fix it. Like there are too many things that I could never not be in control of. But that’s just it – It’s not me who has to do the fixing. It’s him. Because I have to give everything to him. Total surrender, that’s the only way. This was such a good article. It made me tear up because it was just so true in my life. I’ve been struggling and trying to give everything to him. I hope that I can just fall into Him and let go. Give him everything.

It’s too big.


The God of the whole universe loves ME??? Sometimes I wonder how that’s even possible! Why would he come and die for me? Even more than that He loves all of us with an unending perfect love. WOW. Mind blown. Why wouldn’t we love Him back and why wouldn’t we want to share this with everybody we come across?

15 Things I Wish I Knew Before College


Good stuff! I’m off to college next year and this is really good advice. 🙂

Brett E. Shoemaker

I am a senior in college.  I am almost done.  Like most, I was pretty excited for college but I didn’t know what quite to expect.  I have put together a list of some of the things I wish I knew before I got here.

1. Who you used to be doesn’t really matter now.  College is essentially a fresh start at discovering who you are and who you want to be.  Nobody cares if you were the homecoming Queen, nobody cares how many touchdown passes you threw, and nobody cares how many friends you didn’t have.

You get a new identity.  You are not judged by your past and you have no expectations placed on you by your new friends.  For some people this is great and some people waste the opportunity.  I wish I knew that when I walked into my dorm room as a freshmen that…

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Prayer Life


Maggie Madly Writing

Today, we honor a saint named Patrick who supposedly used a three-leaf clover to illustrate the principle of the Holy Trinity: three separate leaves, but all parts of the same clover. Three persons, all the same God, but different aspects of him. It’s an easy mental image, but it doesn’t necessarily make it easier to understand the mystery. It doesn’t make prayer itself any easier. Which Person of the Trinity are you praying to? If you call upon the Holy Spirit, do Jesus and God hear the prayer as well, since they are one and the same?

It’s easy to say you are going to pray more often. You can make the time, remove all distractions, but still come up with blank emptiness when you try to speak with God. After all, how can you share your life with a deity who already knows the inside of your heart? If he…

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